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Several criteria for judging the advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf

Post time: Jul-09-2018

With China paying more and more attention to the development of sports in recent years, the artificial lawn sports field has become a symbol of constructing modern national sports. Taking Jiangsu Province as an example, it has already formed a powerful new trend to pave artificial turf on such areas as school stadiums, kindergartens, community leisure places, roofs as well as balconies, etc. Then how should we evaluate the importance of judging the quality of artificial turf?

At present, in the case of lacking necessary understanding for the artificial turf on the market and in condition of the absence of national unified industry standard, it is more and more necessary to correctly understand and evaluate artificial turf. Artificial turf produced in different countries must meet their domestic industrial standards before being exported, and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Green Link artificial turf,just as its name implies, artificial turf means taking PE (polypropylene) as raw materials, with some antioxidant and corrosion resistant agent as filler, weaving into the shape of a straw in a mechanical process. Generally speaking, turf sold on the market are divided into different shapes of monofilament and meshwork.

Compared to the monofilament, the meshwork is richly endowed by nature of the price advantage, nevertheless its quality is much worse than that of monofilament.  The difference is that the meshwork is a large “leaves of grass” being cut into pieces. There are many grass leaves on a tuft of grass which are cut at random.

One can distinguish between good and bad meshwork grass from two aspects. One is time, the other is temperature. Inferior grass is easy to fork and fall after being used for a long time, sticking to clothes like wool. Of course, the mesh lawn with excellent production process will be more durable, not easy to fall off and split. Besides, the best way to distinguish the mesh lawn is Insolating the turf in the sun in hot summer. The exposure to the sun will increase the temperature of the lawn very quickly. Inferior lawn exudes pungent odor, and the grass is easy to break with the hotness.

Monofilament artificial turf is more difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad. If compared with the inferior lawn, It is easy to identify. And the distinguishing method of the mesh is also suitable for the monofilament. Monofilament turf is complex, it is mainly divided into heteromorphic and ordinary grass. The heteromorphic grass mainly consists of U type grass 、S type grass 、W type grass, single stem grass, V type grass and rhomboid grass. The identifying way is mainly to see the grass tops, some are U type, V shape, and the single stem has an extra knot in the middle.

The performance of heteromorphic grass is much better than that of the ordinary grass, no matter its excellent features in terms of years of use, antioxidation, corrosion resistance and so on, or its dominated advantages in the upright, ornamental aspects. So one should pay attention to the form of the grass and confirm whether it is heteromorphic grass. Of course, if only individual performance is concerned, V type grass has the best erectness, S type grass is the best in term of wear resistance, etc. These are different between different types of heteromorphic grass, so one should choose grass to purchase in accordance with his need. High quality lawn service providers will give a detailed introduction about these features. Of course, whether it is meshwork or monofilament grass, the quality depends not only on the lawn manufacturers, but also on the density, gum , and the needle of the grass. Dtex is the key factor that decides the critical factors that a grass is different from the others, which one should also pay more attention to on purchasing. In general, the quality of the artificial turf can be identified from the following points: 1. Appearance; 2. Specifications; 3. grass density; 4. straw fiber; 5. fiber quality; 6. other aspects.

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After the project in Guangde finished, it was well received and praised with visitors came in a rush

Post time: Jul-09-2018

The project was completed and opened in mid July 2017. The steel frame was tailored by Green Link, which greatly shortened the construction period. Covering an area of only 600 square meters, the small children snow circle park was warmly welcomed by the local tourists.The project was very popular, even the hotness of summer could not stop the enthusiasm of tourists, who prefer to come and play in the morning or in the evening. 

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The Dry Skiing Venue Opened in Nantong during the Spring Festival is full of people

Post time: Jul-09-2018

The project was completed on the Spring Festival’s eve and opened on January 23, 2017. By dry skiing, Green Link has brought ice and snow of the northern area to Jiangsu Province, the ice free zone. Although covering an area of only 600 square meters, the small Children Snow Circle Park was warmly welcomed by the local tourists.The project was very hot with an average daily income reaching 10000 yuan during the Spring Festival.

Loquats of Tianlai Village in Haimen City has a long history of about 300 years. At present, there are more than 2000 loquat trees in the 157 Mu loquat garden, among which more than 100 are of more than 140 years’ history. The ecological theme farm in Tianlai Village will plant additionally 400 acres of Loquats, 50 mu blueberries, 50 acres of fruit s and organic vegetables. Such ecological aquaculture projects as breeding Haimen small ear sheep, Long Gully turtle, crab, lobster and freshwater fish, and feeding ducks and geese scattered in loquat garden are going to be developed. A comprehensive ecological park , combing loquat health culture, Tian Zu champion culture, parent child Pro farming culture and outdoor wedding culture,  is going to be created.

The dry skiing project is located at the interior area of steel structured building in the loquat garden. With a net height of only 5 meters, the building does not meet the high requirements of a dry skiing slideway.  1.75 meters under the ground are dug down in construction, which ensures the height requirement. The Speed Dry Skiing Area is a snow circle slideway designed mainly for children, with a construction area of 41m*15m*5.53m, consisting of a staircase passage and a snow circle transport line, with a total cost of 500 thousand RMB Yuan.

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GREENLINK Creative Product ——Laptop Cooling Grass Pad

Post time: Sep-26-2017

GREENLINK Creative Product ——Laptop Cooling Grass Pad 
Let laptop run on the grassland ……
Add some green into work and living.
Give a different message for your hands.
Maximum care for your hands and relieve eye strain!

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Artificial grass has a stronger market competitiveness

Post time: Sep-26-2017

Artificial turf has a very big advantage, and no doubt will be more and more widespread use. Various authorities and sport sectors of the international football community recommendation and green light on artificial turf pitch, the popularity of the promotion of the use of artificial turf in hot areas, cold areas and those economic conditions are not suitable planting native grasses countries provide a favorable environment condition. In China, the artificial grass product has gone through a stage of rapid development. From 2001 are only a small number of professional clubs accepted and now widely used in the construction of the stadium in the vast majority of institutions of higher education, and a growing number of primary and secondary schools have joined the ranks of the artificial grass to the consumer products, artificial grass products We have entered a new stage of unprecedented development.

At present, the world has tens of millions of athletes and sports enthusiasts in the sharing of scientific and technological achievements, it makes more and more people to experience the fun of sports. Artificial grass and now have 40 years of history, it is the beginning originated in the United States, it was not the natural grass can not grow under the roof, in order to solve this problem, the use of artificial turf. Since then artificial turf from the United States to catch on to the world, formed the Americas grass, grass Europe, Australia and Asia grass grass segmentation of the market situation, and the Americas because of a long history of grass, materials and advanced technology has stronger market competitiveness force.

Currently in the domestic production of the artificial turf field, one using foreign wire grass reprocessing, the second is for production use of domestic wire grass. When to provide customers with products, we have clearly marked wire grass of different origin, and there are significant differences in price. Meanwhile, to meet the needs of individual contractors, also imports a small scale. However, due to a net importer of artificial grass cost is too high, the domestic sports venues construction unit net importer of most of them have not used the way, so foreign to Chinese imports of artificial grass have been mostly companies withdraw from the Chinese market. While domestic stadiums in turn requires the use of artificial grass grass imported silk preparation, but under FIFA’s certification system does not understand the situation, did not buy directly from the artificial turf manufacturer in accordance with international practice, so between the upstream and downstream The zone has become a black hole derivative zone.

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Artificial grass to overcome the difficulties and healthy development

Post time: Sep-26-2017

Artificial turf maintenance is simple, low maintenance costs, rinse with water to remove dirt, but has not faded, not deformation characteristics. Basis in a variety of surface-mounted, low-quality basis, not afraid of cracking, delamination of the worry-free bubble, both simple and economical. It seemed really grass, green feeling; the full range, grass length can be selected according to actual use. Artificial grass sports venues overall layout appearance, usage rate, life expectancy up to 10 years, and durable and easy to maintain, all-weather continuous use.

Green artificial grass material, finished construction, fixed and relatively short duration, quality easier to grasp, simple acceptance, without too much expertise. The use of artificial turf pitch is high, both damping to no noise, safe, non-toxic, good elasticity, flame retardant properties and other characteristics, it is suitable for use in schools, it is now the best activity, training and competition venues. Artificial turf to take the concept of security, they are able to avoid sports injuries. It provides a sufficient buffer force, reducing damage generally hard could lead to the foot, so you have no grounds caused due to a variety of concerns. Overall material are in line with environmental requirements, artificial turf surface recyclable. The laying of the foundation to use the original spoil and sand wedges, in line with the principles of waste reduction and the use of natural objects.

Base does not surface bonding. Upon the expiration of the useful life of just replace the face layer to the surface layer, and then the low investment costs. Playground planning into a plane after, without any asperities, and this new structure has reduced damping function reduces the noise on the playground, on the class reduces interference. Use a clean lawn gap high proportion of quartz sand, so that students have the opportunity to get close to the soil without soiling the environment and the body, replacing some of the cleaning troubles. Scribe direct preparation, do not need to frequently crossed and distress, easy maintenance, almost no follow-up maintenance costs.

We can not grow in extreme climatic conditions; in some countries and regions due to economic reasons can not pay the high maintenance costs; can not be planted in the museum with some of the stadium roof. In addition to these, artificial grass also has a high frequency of use, paving easy, maintenance simple, quick drainage features, these advantages have made the artificial grass has a broad development space, a great tendency to replace natural grass!

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The use of artificial grass pet

Post time: Sep-26-2017

If you are keen to keep clean your pets and gardens, there is no better choice, such as artificial grass. Pet-friendly fake turf, can resist all the wear and tear caused due to pets. Easily lead to poor quality of the turf and the pet’s UV rays.

Dogs, like humans, prefer soft and comfortable grass in order to enjoy the slapstick in the above activities. Compared to natural grass, you can no longer worry about the dog’s turf tear and damage suffered. More importantly, the artificial turf has good water permeability, cats and dogs and other pets in the above produce urine and waste can be automatically excluded, thus avoiding the potential odor.

For cleaning artificial turf, but also more simple than the natural grass freely, you do not have to like the same careful care garden grass turf worried hurt, loss appearance and performance. Artificial turf is firmly attached to the bottom, general cleaning without the slightest effect on the turf performance.

Reduce pet health threats will inevitably be used to maintain natural turf brake and herbicides and other chemicals, which is caused by pets suffering from certain diseases, serious or even life-threatening. But if it is artificial turf, then it could eliminate such risks. Artificial turf maintenance people ease, you can not pesticides and herbicides, it is possible to maintain the health and integrity of the turf on the artificial turf, you can completely avoid the use of chemicals to protect your pet from harm illness. Dedicated pet artificial turf use of certain antimicrobial products, can prevent the growth of bacteria, minimizes the chances of the pet being infected when the above activities pathogenic.

The use of artificial grass is not only a great choice for pet owners, but also the production of pet-related products and services is an important business opportunity. The artificial turf is used on products such as kennel facilities, although start would be a large investment, but long-term perspective it is cost-effective, measures to enhance the competitiveness of one. Once launched this artificial grass products, post-maintenance becomes very worry and simple, so excellent pet accessory products are bound to be sought after pet owners.

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